Putting you  in control

An innovative, integrated service providing your company with tailored electronic trading, settlement & registry solutions

How does it work?

Why TISE Private Markets?

Company controlled marketplace

  • An invitation-only approach ensures you maintain full control of your shareholder base
  • Concentrate liquidity through tailored auctions which can be scheduled to meet demand
  • Use our online tools to conveniently manage share transfers and shareholder records

Bespoke auction model

  • The auction model supports market liquidity by bringing together all buy and sell orders to maximise the volume traded
  • A single auction price reduces volatility over time, inspiring market confidence
  • A transparent order book with enhanced price formation encourages greater participation

Seamless Electronic Settlement

  • Our model requires buyers to pre-fund their orders, which mitigates counterparty risk
  • Electronic transfer of cash and shares provides seamless and efficient settlement
  • Register of shareholders automatically updates to reflect auction results



A solution for pre-emption rights

  • You can tailor the auction algorithm to prioritise existing shareholders, protecting them against dilution from new entrants
  • Setting a minimum investment threshold ensures commitment from new entrants, who benefit from being able to build their stake over several auctions

All-inclusive, annual subscription fee

  • Certainty is provided by an all-inclusive, annual fee, tailored to your market with the option to subscribe to additional services
  • Direct company-shareholder model reduces costs by removing the need for expensive intermediaries, including brokers
  • With no transaction or custody fees or other commissions, you keep control of costs

Safe and secure

  • The convenience of a cloud-based service built and maintained in line with best practice cyber security standards to reassure you that your data is safe
  • Delivered by an established market operator with a strong track record in capital markets, we are ideally positioned to assist your journey in the private markets




How do I join?

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